Tuesday, January 13, 2015

N.Y.C. and H&M Home

Hello friends, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  I spent the holidays visiting with family and friends in New Jersey.  It was an enjoyable trip with my daughter.

While visiting N.J. we took the train to N.Y.C.  I made a promise to my daughter for her 18th birthday we could explore New York.  My sister, niece and cousin tagged along making the entire experience even more memorable!

We visited on December 26th, so all the Christmas decorations were still up.  The streets were crowded, but there was so much to see.  N.Y.C. is seriously so beautiful at Christmas time. 

My niece!

My cousin!

My daughter!

My sister!

I've been admiring H&M's home furnishings for months, online.  I was so excited to visit their flagship store.  The entire fourth floor is dedicated to their home collection.  Lots of beautiful home decor ideas.  It's easy to stay within budget with their affordable prices.


Thank you N.Y.C. for such a great time!