Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Favorite Things 2016

favorite things 2016

This week Melissa at 320 Sycamore is hosting her annual Favorite Things party.  This year she asked me to join and I’m so happy to be apart of it alongside some very talented bloggers!

  When I started blogging in 2010 I joined Melissa's link party by adding a list of my favorites, you can view my old post here.  

Join us this Thursday by sharing a post of your own, then add your link to her blog.

Here are a few of my favorites from IKEA and Trader Joe's...

Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite stores to stop in. Only a short drive away, the market stocks the most interesting items that most grocery chains do not provide; like convenient frozen meals and wine or cookie butter ice cream! My favorite products to stock up, however, are everyday items.

I love filling my home with fresh flowers. Their floral section is incredible. They have beautiful flowers for great prices.

Also, these lavender dryer bags are a favorite. They have a soothing lavender scent that is subtle. I like to tuck a sachet under my dogs' beds to keep them smelling pleasant in between washes.

 My dogs LOVE these peanut butter treats. It's not too often that they have them, but when they do, I'm sure they would go through a box each if I let them!

Trader Joe's sells an assortment of greeting cards for just 99 cents. They're unique, so you won't find them anywhere else. I love the artwork and style too much to want to give them away though. Their quality card stock can be framed as art; a classic DIY idea. The colors complement a couple rooms in my house. I cannot wait to find the perfect frame and hang them up as art pieces!

Here's my favorite greeting cards found at Anthropologie.  I framed a few to display around the house.  So much cheaper than buying framed artwork!
Ikea has so many hidden gems. Since it's such a large store, you have to do a little digging and get your creative juices flowing to figure out what works in your space of interest. For me and my family, we needed a better way to organize our shoes. We used to keep them in the garage, but since we renovated it into a bedroom, our shoes needed a new place to rest.
These white wire baskets are absolutely perfect as a shoe organizer.

They are very inexpensive, minimalist in design, and sleek enough to slide underneath our beds. Though I'm not sure of their true purpose, these baskets became a staple for organization.

Thank you so much for stopping by, friends! Please visit Debbie at Refresh Restyle to see her favorites. Here's the schedule of the other ladies who will be sharing this week too.

Monday, November 14

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner and A Bean Pie Recipe

We're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year for 10 additional family members who I love and can't wait to see.  Preparing a large meal can be stressful.  But since I've hosted before I thought I'd share a few tips to keep your anxiety low and make your dinner a success.

1.  Plan ahead.  As you start planning your menu ask ahead of time if your guests have food allergies or dietary restrictions.  With my father in law being vegan I always prepare a separate meal for him.  I'm fine with it and most importantly I want him to feel included.  My brother doesn't eat celery or onions.  So instead of not making a certain dish, I make a separate smaller serving for him so he can still enjoy dinner.   

2. Prep and freeze what you can.  I plan on making lots of pies and cobblers for dessert.  When apples and pears were on sale I bought a bunch, peeled and sliced them, placed them in freezer bags and put them in the freezer.  Freezing chopped fresh vegetables will make preparing dinner much easier.

3. Shop thrift stores for serving platters, sets of dishes and glasses.  I love buying second-hand serving platters.  I keep my eyes open for unique serving pieces like deviled-egg trays or lotus bowls for dips.

I used to cringe at the thought of buying drinking glasses from thrift stores.  Then my husband reminded me it's no different than restaurant glassware.  To sanitize them, I just run the dishwasher with a little bleach.

4. Don't be afraid to ask for help.  While I don't like asking guests to bring cooked food since most are traveling from out of state.  I don't mind asking them to contribute.  Entertaining can be expensive!  A bottle of wine, ice, quality paper plates or utensils can be really helpful.  *Don't serve red wine if you're concerned about spills.

I like to be in charge of planning.  Once my kids wake up I run down a list of simple chores to get them involved.  Which leads me to my next tip...
5. Now is the perfect time to deep clean your house.  You'll be so thankful you did once guests arrive.  Remove cobwebs and clean windows.  Each week tackle a room in your house.  Pay close attention to the areas of your home that will get the most use: bathrooms, guest rooms, the kitchen, family room and carpet.  In addition, have plenty of clean sheets, towels and toilet paper.  I put fresh linens in a small cabinet so guests can easily find them.

6. Make a great first impression by tidying up your front porch.  Dig up dead plants and replace them with whatever you choose.  If your outdoor mat is beginning to look faded now may be a good time to replace it.  Switch your wreath for fall.  My son gets a kick out of using the leaf blower.  I make that his job to clean up the walkway.

Lastly, 7. It doesn't have to be perfect to be a wonderful time.  I can't tell you how many times guests were 10 minutes away and I hadn't even showered yet.  The more I prep and plan ahead the more time I will have to relax, get dressed and curl my hair before company arrives.  I can't wait until my family is together.  I'm looking forward to catching up, playing games, laughing so hard it hurts and eating delicious food.  We all have so much to be thankful for.  Don't stress over small details.  Instead enjoy your family and friends.

For those who have emailed me and asked for my friend's Bean Pie Recipe, he gladly shared!  I hope you enjoy making it as much as we enjoyed eating it!!

Sean's Bean Pie Recipe

1 stick softened butter
4 eggs
2 tablespoons flour
2 cups sugar
1 (14 ounce) can evaporated milk
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspon nutmeg
2 tablespoons vanilla
frozen pie crusts

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  In an electric blender(Sean used a Vitamix), blend navy beans.  Then add eggs one at a time.  Add butter, milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and flour and blend for about 3 minutes on medium speed.  Pour mixture into a large mixing bowl.  Add sugar and vanilla.  Mix well.  Pour mixture into pie crusts.  Bake about one hour, until golden brown.  Recipe makes 2-3 bean pies.  Serve with homemade whipped cream.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall Home Inspiration

 I'm so very happy that fall has arrived!  I made my first bowl of creamy pumpkin-spiced oatmeal, the leaves are changing and I pulled my jacket back out of the closet.
We've been able to enjoy being outdoors again without getting bit by mosquitoes.  My favorite part about the weather change is sitting outside in the morning with a cup of coffee.  

 Sometimes I listen to music and sometimes I just sit and enjoy the birds chirping or the squirrels jumping from one tree to another.

 My son had a short fall break from school.  I enjoyed having him home.  As he gets older (15) I really appreciate having one-on-one time with him. 

 We enjoyed a few fun days of snacks outside in the backyard.

 And since I'm always moving things around, I thought I'd share a few fall touches from around the house.

 I don't have the space to store seasonal decor.  I prefer to decorate with natural items that can be thrown away (once they rot) or eaten!

 Fresh flowers and pumpkins keep my entry shelf looking fresh, but simple.

 I added a touch of fall to my kitchen counter with a wooden bowl filled with seasonal fruit and vegetables.

I'm a sucker for new tea towels.  Each season I love to switch out the towels I display.  

The hydrangeas in my yard are displaying their beautiful fall colors.  So naturally I cut a few to display inside.

 If I had to pick a favorite tree, my miniature Ginkgo Biloba would be it!  The leaves turn a beautiful shade of yellow in the fall.

Layering in a couple extra blankets is nice way to make your home feel cozy for fall.  Rather than purchasing seasonal themed decor, I enjoy adding texture and greenery to what I already have.

Decorating for each season doesn't have to be expensive.  Pretty soon we'll be preparing our homes for the holidays.  I hope you'll consider a few of my ideas for a fresh new look!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Headed to the Trash Chair Makeover

I love bringing new life to old things.  This chair was headed to the end of my driveway for trash pickup because my husband couldn't see its potential.  But I liked it too much and couldn't part with it.
You see, we've had this chair for many years.  It's not an antique though.  I purchased it at Ross for under $100.  It was one of the first furniture pieces we purchased new, after receiving only hand-me-downs.  I have pictures with my then toddler son sitting on it.  This chair has sentimental value to me.

But over the years as my taste and style evolved, the chair sat hidden in a closet.  As I hoped to have it reupholstered one day.

Having furniture professionally reupholstered can be expensive.  So I saved up for the total expense!  I also made sure I ordered enough fabric to create a skirt and hide the bowed legs.  I also had the curve on the back cut down.

Although the fabric I received is slightly darker than the swatch I ordered,  I'm so in love with this chair makeover.  

 I value the upholsterer's attention to detail.  Making it worth every penny!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Updated Linen Closet Using ACP Vinyl Tiles

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.  All opinions expressed are solely my own.

Do you happen to remember when I transformed my linen closet?  It was one of my favorite projects.  With the addition of paint and wallpaper it became a nice space to store my toiletries.

Over the years the wallpaper began to peel and was peppered with bulges.  It was embarrassing!  

So imagine my delight when I was contacted by The Home Depot and asked to partner with them using their Acoustic Ceiling Products.  It was just the motivation I needed to get my hot mess of a linen closet cleaned up!   

The vinyl tiles were so easy to work with.  No special tools required!  I break down the process over at The Apron Blog.  Please click over here to view the full tutorial.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cleaning With Mean Green Outside

As much as I love the warm weather that summer season brings, mosquitoes halt all my outdoor housekeeping plans. Oftentimes, I cannot tend to my yard because the mosquitoes seem to attack me. As a result, things have been a bit neglected. Fortunately, the air has gotten cooler and the mosquitoes have tapered off so I can finally get back to doing what I love most.

 My patio was in dire need of TLC. Leaves and dirt scattered the table, my flower pots looked weathered down from the elements and the entire area just seemed dirty.

 Usually, I use soap and warm water to clean everything off, but I needed something stronger this time around.

Using Mean Green Super Strength, I wiped everything down. The patio table and my flower pots looked good as new with very little effort.

 With a few flower changes and the addition of classic miniature pumpkins, I welcomed the autumn season with open arms.

In no time, my patio table was streak-free and ready for an evening outside with family and friends.

I am extremely happy with the results I received from using Mean Green products and they are a brand I consistently use and love.

Whenever you are in a cleaning situation like my own or merely want to put a pep in your cleaning routine, I strongly recommend Mean Green products for the clean you need!

*To learn more about Mean Green and their products, visit meangreendegreaser.com.  You can also follow along with the Mean Green Social Hub.  Check them out on Facebook-facebook.com/meangreendegreaser and Twitter- twitter.com/meangreen_clean.

**This post was made possible through a partnership with Mean Green.  All opinions expressed and experiences are my own words.